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Last fourteen years we've helped young people around the West Bengal and North region to find right college with our Indian best colleges ranking.But we know the getting into college involves so mutch more than just list of colleges.

  • Make yourself a winning candidate

    Getting into college is more competitive than ever.Learn how can prepare for success while in high school.

    Find the right college for you.

    In your search for the perfect college,there's a lot to consider from location and cost to academic,reputation and others activity.

  • Do your best on admission test.

    Tests.They've been a hard fact of life all through school.But to get into college,you face the biggest tests of all the JEE,IIT,and CET.

    Pay your way.

    And you through getting in was tough! It may seem daunting at first,but learning the financial aid ropes early can inprove your chances of affording the college you want.

  • Get accepted to the college(s) of your choice.

    Strategy Matter.Learn how to an outstanding application to gain lead in the admission process.

  • Make the most of campus life.

    It's all led to this.You'll soon take on new adventures and responsibilities at the colleges of your choice.